Other than the effects and ingredients, CBD gummies aren’t any different from normal gummies, which is why where you store them is important. If stored incorrectly, they can go hard and the texture isn’t as pleasing as when they are soft, like gummies are meant to be. CBD gummies contain sugar, water and gelatin, which means storing them in the correct places will help them to last longer.

CBD gummies are great for consumers, they are packed with many benefits. You can get them for all different purposes. For example you can have CBD gummies for pain, for inflammation and also for mental benefits.

Why You Need To Store Your CBD Gummies
CBD gummies, when exposed to air, will lose their moisture and soft feel. It is to do with how much water is within the gummies, the  more there is, the softer they feel, which is good for us as consumers. By storing the gummies where they won’t be exposed to air, they can be stashed away for longer and something for you to enjoy at a later date.

What’s In CBD Gummies?
The key ingredients within CBD gummies includes sugar, water, colour flavourings, CBD and gelatin or pectin. Some of these ingredients, especially Gelatin, needs to be stored at a cool temperature in order to maintain the gel substance. For the vegan variation, pectin is used instead of gelatin. Pectin needs water and moisture to maintain its gel form.

Where Can You Store CBD Gummies?
If you don’t know where to store your gummies or feel like you’ve been storing them incorrectly, then not to worry. We have the answers for you. Here are some safe places where you can store your CBD edibles in order for them to maintain texture and flavour.

The most popular place and most recommendable place for these CBD gummies is in the refrigerator. The reason for this is because it keeps a cool temperature that has low moisture. It’s a place where the water content within the CBD gummies won’t evaporate to make it lose texture.

Believe it or not, gummies can be freezed to preserve their good condition. Note that if you plan to consume them soon, it probably isn’t worth freezing them. However if you are looking for longevity with your gummies, freezing isn’t such a bad option. If you use CBD gummies for pain, then freezing them would be good as you can use them as and when you experience the pain.

On A Shelf
If you have a shelf that remains at a cool temperature, then you will be able to store your gummies there. Note that they must remain out of the way from direct sunlight and not be stored near anything that can get hot.

Dark Cupboards
A cupboard is also a necessary place to store your gummies. The only condition is if the cupboard is a cool temperature that isn’t exposed to light or heat. The temperature should also be as stable as possible, fluctuations in temperature can have an effect on the texture.

How Long Can You Store Gummies For?
From what we have researched, gummies, when stored properly can remain on the shelf for a year, or even more. This requires them to not be moved into different areas with different temperatures, this has to be in a fixed place, unopened. As soon as the  bag of gummies is opened, they are exposed to air, which will start to make them deteriorate. Read more from our experts.

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