Although Delta-8 vapes continue to gain popularity, there are contradicting opinions regarding their safety and effectiveness. They are manufactured using tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) from cannabis sativa, hemp plant, or marijuana. This article highlights everything you need to know about smoking delta 8, including its legality, safety, and tips for getting safe delta 8 THC products.

Unlike other elements found in plants, such as cannabidiol (CBD), terpenes, and flavonoids linked to various health benefits, most clinical trials suggest that THC has psychoactive side effects, especially in high concentrations. THC remains one of the main reasons some states are yet to legalize hemp-based products even four years after the 2018 Farm Bill legalized them. Before using Delta-8 THC vape pens, you should understand the possible outcomes. This article sheds light on the safety of smoking Delta 8 vapes, the legality of this product, and the factors to consider when determining a safe Delta 8 vape.

Are Delta-8 Vapes Legal?

General understanding implies that smoke is unsafe for human health. However, vape products are yet to be restricted. According to East Katherine et al. (2019), about 47% to 52% of Americans engage in vaping or smoking. According to the research, vaping is highly embraced among the youth. The 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp-based products after numerous clinical trials showed promising outcomes on the possible health benefits; this includes Delta-8 vapes.

Although hemp-based products were legalized within US territories, mandates were given to the state governments to determine their legality within their boundaries. As a result, some states restricted the use of hemp-based products within their territories for health or recreational benefits. Some states restricting Delta-8 vapes and other hemp-based products include Texas, Idaho, Nebraska, and nine more. Before moving with Delta-8 vape from one state to another, it is important to confirm their legality to avoid going against federal laws.

There were general regulations for the use and production of hemp-based products, including Delta-8 vapes. According to the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp-based products are only legal in the US if their THC levels are below 0.3%. This limits the production and usage of marijuana-based Delta-8 vapes since THC levels are over 2.5%, a more intoxicating concentration.

Is It Safe To Use Delta-8 Vapes?

THC being the dominant element of Delta-8 vapes has resulted in a difference in opinion regarding its effectiveness. However, as noted earlier, smoking is not safe for your health. Smoke damages various body parts, including the lungs and the liver.

Clinical trials trying to understand the impact of THC on users’ health differ in opinions. According to Fattore, Liana & Walter (2011), THC is unsafe for consumption since it has psychoactive side effects that are likely to make you feel’ high’, especially when abused. However, the impact of THC differs depending on the experience. According to Bonn-Miller et al. (2021), low amounts of THC are likely to make novices “high.” This calls upon Delta-8 users to be careful about the amount of THC they consume. If you are a novice, consider low potency levels to avoid experiencing intoxicating effects such as getting dizzy, experiencing memory loss, and having dry lips and red eyes.

Different research points out that THC might benefit individuals’ health, making Delta-8 safe for usage. According to Gallily, Yekhtin & Lumir (2018), THC can help reduce stress, pain, and anxiety due to its anti-inflammatory properties that regulate hormone production by binding with receptors like B1 and B2. Besides, Boehnke, Hauser & Fizcharies (2022) used hemp’s THC to prove that it is the best solution for addressing anxiety. Despite the promising outcomes, these clinical trials are yet to be approved.

How To Determine A Safe Delta-8 THC

Besides the above clinical trials on the impact of THC on your health, other factors can make Delta-8 THC fit or unfit for vaping. Some include;

Other Elements

Delta-8 vapes are manufactured with various ingredients to improve their effectiveness and taste. Delta-vapes are offered in various flavors to make the vaping experience better. Always confirm the ingredients used to ensure about 90% of them are organic. Artificial sweeteners such as potassium can result in various health complications. According to Aburto Nancy et al. (2013), accumulation of potassium in the body causes renal malfunctioning, especially in adults. MCT or coconut oil is one of the most effective organic and beneficial elements used in nearly all hemp-based products, including Delta-8 vapes. It speeds the absorption rate, increasing the delivery of Delta-8 to our systems.

The Lab Results

This is the most important aspect of determining the safety of your Delta-8 vape. There are two parts of COA’s report you should pay attention to;

The Potency Levels

The potency levels are important in the lab results to avoid overdosing. Notably, don’t rely on the posted potency levels since they can be misleading. Various hemp-based manufacturers have been in trouble with the FDA due to labeling wrong potency levels on their products. To avoid overdosing unknowingly, always confirm your Delta-THC actual potency levels. According to the FDA, the potency levels shouldn’t exceed 10%. If it does, the vape product is harmful to your health. Unlike CBD, a slight variance in THC can heighten the chances of getting “high”.

Purity Levels

Purity levels of Delta-8 THC determine its safety. Since various chemicals are involved, THC will likely be contaminated at the processing stage. Chemical solvents and heavy metals are also likely to infiltrate THC during manufacturing. Notably, the method of extraction is equally important. Consider Delta-8 vape THC extracted using CO2. This extraction method is considered effective and minimizes contamination to the end products and the environment.


Several factors determine the safety of Delta-8 vapes. Some include the potency and purity levels, other elements used, and the extraction method. You should also consider some key factors before buying a delta-8 THC cartridge. If the brand you buy from doesn’t offer the lab results online or even upon asking, avoid it. Some health benefits of Delta-8 THC include reducing stress, pain, and anxiety. Although the available clinical trials show promising results, neither of the benefits has been approved. Notably, Delta-8 THC can also make you feel high, especially if taken in excess. If you are a novice, consider low potency levels.


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